Rakan Ahmed Bahshwan

Name: Rakan Ahmed Bahshwan
Date of birth: 9 July 1989
Nationality: Saudi
Place of birth: Makkah, Saudi Arabia
Position: PhD Candidate XXXV cycle – Research course in Design, Modeling and Simulation in Engineering
Where: Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture – DICAr, Via Ferrata 3 – 27100 Pavia
Email: rakan.bahshwan01@universitadipavia.it , Rakan5005@hotmail.com
Phone number: +39.351.8860545

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Rakan is an architect and urban designer. He successfully obtained a bachelor’s degree in Architecture at Umm Al-Qura University (UQU), Saudi Arabia, in 2012. In 2016, he finished his master’s program in Urban Design at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), USA. Currently, he is a Ph.D. student in Design, Modeling, and Simulation in Engineering program with specific reference to the Civil Engineering and Architecture- XXXV cycle at the University of Pavia.

His master thesis project (Improving Pilgrims’ Experience in Mina, Saudi Arabia) was addressed the public spaces and transportation infrastructure within a sensitive holy historic environment.